Kate Sansom

Kate Sansom
April 21 - May 19, 2018

Press Release

‘Sociable’ is a Halifax drinking tradition. It may not have originated there, but that’s where I learned it. 

When a musician or performer at a pub, or wherever, stops playing and yells out 'sociable!' everyone 
in the place yells it back and finishes what is left of their drinks.

It was a comfort to me, because I’ve relied most of my adult life, and even before that, on drinking 
to lessen my anxiety in social settings. And this tradition not only made that feel condoned 
but also something shared, and so innocuous. 

Then I think about those experiences, like ones in Halifax, where I was sociable, and know that 
I enjoyed them... but the memories are foggy, messy, or completely gone. 
Maybe that’s also part of the tradition.’

Installation view

Early Memory, 2018, oil on canvas, faux leather

Installation view

four of us in a stall at Ohm, 2017, oil on linen

Installation view

Wide Awake, 2018, oil on canvas, fleece, corduroy

Untitled, 2017, tape, gouache, and ink on paper

Installation view

we don't listen to that anymore, 2018, oil on canvas, giclee

Installation view