Hannah Buonaguro Ryan Foerster: YEW WOOD

Hannah Buonaguro and Ryan Foerster
September 29 - October 30, 2018

Opening reception Saturday, September 29, 6-8pm

Press Release

Carl Louie is pleased to present YEW WOOD, a show by Hannah Buonaguro and Ryan Foerster, Brooklyn-based artists. Each has their 
own multi-disciplinary practice, but they have begun presenting collaborative work in the past couple years. They have exhibited 
work at Magenta Plains and Shimizu Brand in New York, Parapet Real Humans in St. Louis, and at The Museum of Fine Arts in Croatia.

Emphasizing the nature of their relationship to one another as well as to the environment and world around them, 
practices like writing, photographing, and drawing find their way into their sculptural work and artist books. 
Their sculptures consist of salvaged materials: things they find on a daily basis or in their travels; 
unfinished works and scraps from their studios. Themes of home/shelter, relationships, memory, 
and social and political concerns emerge in their work. Tracing one another’s bodies on 
yesterday’s newspapers or on pieces of wood is one example of the way they combine personal, 
intimate movements within the context of a bigger and more uncontrollable world and media landscape.

The show opens Saturday, September 29th, 6-8pm, and at 7pm, the two will give a reading.

"i can’t explain a smell, i can’t tell you about the scent here. drowned in lake of outrage. talked to you, explained it all away. 
could’ve listened closer to the pacific rim; beyond it, i wasn’t looking--just whistling a memory"